Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes of 2023

2023-08-22 16:23

recumbent bike

Recumbent exercise bikes are an effective way to add cardio to your home gym routine. A recumbent bike also promotes good spinal alignment because of the way you sit which may help reduce lower back pain and pressure, allowing for a more comfortable ride.1 In addition, recumbent bikes are extremely versatile especially for those age 65 and older who want to stay active safely, people of all ages recovering from injuries, and anyone looking for a low-impact way to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

“Recumbent bikes are also a great way to increase strength in your lower extremities as well as mobility,” Candace Morton, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at ProRehab in Louisville, KY, says. 

When shopping for recumbent exercise bikes, consider weight and height capacities and seat adjustability—especially if multiple people in the household will use the bike. A good bike should also have varying resistance levels to allow for different types of workouts and an easy-to-use monitor display. “All of these features allow you to have a more comfortable and customizable ride in which you can achieve your fitness goals,” Morton says.

We reviewed recumbent bikes for weight, height capacity, value, sturdiness, and comfort when evaluating them. We also considered our expert's recommendations and user reviews to find the best recumbent exercise bikes on the market. A certified personal trainer from our Review Board reviewed this information for accuracy in regard to recumbent versus upright models and who can benefit most from these devices.

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