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2023-12-28 10:02

Weldconn Newest Item designed 2024 | Top elliptical machine

Item Name: D8.0E & V7.0 series (V7.0E, V7.0U, V7.0R)

Product Orientation: Commercial use

Product Characteristics:

Large size design

Additional handrail design

Most stable and durable

Make your exercise more comfortable


Item Name: D8.0E


Item Name: V7.0 series (V7.0E, V7.0U, V7.0R)

commercial elliptical

*Learn one exercise lesson every day:

The exercise intensity of the elliptical machine is not high, but it is very effective.

The elliptical machine can simulate a variety of sports, such as climbing, jogging, etc., and can effectively mobilize a lot of muscles, such as, the thigh, the side waist, the small abdominal muscles, and the sciatic nerve also has positive stimulation.

It is one of the devices with the least impact on the knee: because it is always a "empty" step, the pedal does not hit the ground, the impact of the movement on the knee is very small, and the safety factor is high. Therefore, it is suitable for more people, rehabilitation, the elderly, etc., can also be used very easily.

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