How to Use the Elliptical Trainer

2023-07-05 14:42


The elliptical machine has become one of the most popular pieces of equipment found in health clubs and some home gyms. The elliptical machine combines the motions of a stair stepper, bicycle, and cross-country ski machine. Your legs move in an elliptical while your arms move the handles back and forth for a full-body workout.

This low-impact machine is gentle on the knees and easy to use. Research shows that the elliptical offers the same cardiovascular benefits as running, but with far less impact on the joints. This is ideal for people with joint pain such as arthritis.

How to Use the Elliptical

Ask for an orientation from a trainer the first time you try the machine. Keep in mind that all machines are a bit different, and if you are not comfortable with the controls, it's helpful to get some tips before you start. Take a minute to read the instructions on the machine's front console. These provide simple step-by-step directions on the use of that particular machine.

  1. Step onto the machine facing the console. Typically, nothing will happen until you start pedaling.

  2. To turn on the monitor, start pedaling by pushing the pedals in a forward motion with your feet. Push and pull on the handles evenly.

  3. Follow the instructions on the display to select one of the pre-set programs, or choose "manual" to set your own workout.

  4. Increase or decrease the pedaling resistance during your workout by hitting the up and down arrows. Most elliptical trainers have a heart monitor function in the handles that you can use to gauge your workout intensity.

  5. Before stepping off of the elliptical, make sure that it has fully stopped. If at any point during your workout you start to feel faint or feel pain, slow down or stop completely.

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